Not all air conditioning units are created equal. There are a number of unit types that are made specifically for different situations. To get the most out of your next investment, it’s important to understand which one is best for your home.

Portable A/C
If you live in a townhome or condo, or you only have a specific area in your home that you would like to keep cool, a portable A/C unit is the way to go. They are cheap (starting as low as $100.00), easy to install and durable enough to last you many years. When you’re in the market for a new portable A/C, you have the option of choosing from three main types: window mounted units, portable vented A/C units and portable non-vented A/C units. The only difference between vented and non-vented units is that the vented units use a cooling hose to cool warm air gathered from outside your home. Both units can be easily wheeled or placed around your house to your liking.

Pro: Cheap initial purchase
Con: Not sustainable

Central Air Conditioning
The most common and best-performing type of air conditioning system is a central air unit. These units are used to cool larger apartments and homes with many rooms. They consist of two parts: the condensing unit (outdoor) and the evaporative unit (indoor). Most homeowners prefer using central A/C because it’s quiet, provides an even distribution of cool air, is operated with a single, convenient thermostat and is among the most efficient styles of all A/C units — which helps save you from high monthly cooling and heating bills. The only downside to central A/C systems is that they can be difficult to install and maintain, as they require extra ductwork that must be routinely checked for leaks.

Pro: Highly efficient
Con: Intricate and difficult to work on

Packaged Air Conditioner
A packaged air conditioner is perfect for homes or buildings with open floor plans or that have no more than two rooms. This type of A/C doesn’t require ductwork and can still be split into indoor and outdoor units. Although they are not as efficient as a central A/C unit, packaged A/C units are relatively easy to install and they produce little to no noise.

Pro: Simple and silent
Con: Not very efficient

Geothermal Unit
Geothermal heating is a new player on the A/C market that’s currently gaining a lot of attention for its unconventional mechanics. This type of heating and cooling system actually makes use of the near constant temperature experienced just below the earth’s surface to heat or cool air circulating throughout your home — cool, right? It’s a highly efficient process that’s starting to make its way into homes and offices throughout the country. The only downside is that these systems can be a bit pricey, so it’s best to do some of your own research before signing the dotted line.

Pro: Cool technology and highly efficient
Con: Expensive to maintain, and not covered by home warranties

An A/C unit can be quite the investment, and when they eventually breakdown, it’s good to have a solid backup plan. AHS can help protect your budget from costly breakdowns on covered A/C units with one of our home warranty plans.